Eat my Shorts!

Eat my shorts! Sustainable fashion

They are the tastiest thing in my wardrobe, made by PANGAIA from pineapple, banana & bamboo. 

It’s not just the innovative materials that excites me about this brand, it’s the transparency of their product information. Each product comes with a digital passport, a QR code on the label, which a customer can use to learn about the item’s lifecycle and environmental impact. 

PANGAIA help customers to make better choices by clearly labelling the ‘Climate Positive Products’ on their website. Key metric are available for these items which show how much water has been saved and driving emissions avoided (compared to a conventional garment made from new fabric). 

Transparency is the key to sustainable retail. In much the same way as we now have traffic light health labels on UK food products, it would be great to see clear labelling on the environmental impact of the products we choose.

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