About us

We are a boutique sustainability consultancy dedicated to travel, tourism & hospitality, driven by a passion for travel and tourism with a deep appreciation of its benefits to people and places. 

With practical, business friendly advice, we support our clients at every point of their sustainability journey; helping them to promote environmental protection, diversity, inclusion, and equality.

Our mission is to ensure that the industry we love thrives, whilst minimising the impact on the natural resources on which we all depend.

Image of the Garden in the Bay, sustainable business park

Meet the team

Our team combines decades of leadership experience across tourism’s value chain, with the know-how of professional advisory. We help our client’s future-proof their businesses, with practical solutions, whilst minimising their impact on the natural world. 

Patrick Richards

Founder Director


Patrick Richards
Chris Fraser

Founder Director


Chris Fraser - Founder Director - TerraVerde Sustainability
Marina Bradford



Marina Bradford - Director & Sustainability Lead - TerraVerde Sustainability
Joanna Lawton

Marketing Lead


Joanna Lawton - Marketings & Comms Lead - Terraverde Sustainability
John Ames

Technology Lead


John Ames - Technical Lead - TerraVerde Sustainability
Daria Eremenko

Sustainability Analyst


Daria Eremenko - sustainability analyst - terraverde sustainability
Alejandra Leyva



Alejandra Leyva - Sustainability researcher

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Some thoughts from our team

  • "Whilst momentum for sustainability is building powerfully, I am keenly aware of how much the travel sector is hurting, meaning that solutions must be tailored to economic realities and the distinctly personal way that tourism operates. We founded TerraVerde to assist tourism’s recovery in a robust and sustainable fashion, embracing environmental principles."

    Patrick Richards - Founder Director

A bit of history

TerraVerde was born during 2020, the most infamous year for tourism! As friends and colleagues since 1985, Chris and Patrick share common values. Foremost of these is the passionate commitment to tourism’s recovery in a robust and sustainable fashion.

We strongly recognise the values of trust and partnership that underpin our sector and the transformation caused by digitisation and consolidation over the last 30 years, giving us an intuitive understanding of which solutions can be successful.

TerraVerde - Advancing greener tourism
We work with travel companies (large and small), to create tourism focused, environmental action plans, with clear and achievable milestones.

Our Partners:



ETOA is the trade association for tour operators and suppliers in European destinations, from global brands to local independent businesses. The membership includes tour and online operators, intermediaries and wholesalers, European tourist boards, hotels, attractions, technology companies and other tourism and business service providers.
European tourism association
The Nordic Tourism Collective


The Nordic Tourism Collective is a not-for-profit organisation with an Advisory Council of representative, elected members from the Nordic tourism industry with its own Articles of Association. They are committed to the sustainable development of tourism in the Nordic and Baltics regions
The Nordic Tourism Collective
Bemari Enviromental Consultancy


Bemari is an impact collective supporting organisations on the journey to regenerative practices through circularity, sustainable procurement and impactful business models.


Our multi-disciplinary expertise helps you embed sustainability in value chains and leverage buying power to accelerate positive change.
Silver Rail


With air travel accounting for 2.5% of global CO2 emissions, a number of EU countries are phasing out certain domestic flight routes in favour of greener rail alternatives.


The Train Over Plane initiative developed by SilverRail presents compelling reasons and useful tools to help governments phase out domestic air travel.
Train Over Plane
ABTA Partner Logo


ABTA’s purpose is to help its Members to grow their businesses successfully and sustainably which align perfectly with the values we promote at TerraVerde.

We are proud to have been accepted into ABTA’s B2B partnership programme and look forward to supporting ABTA members on their sustainability journeys.
ABTA Partner Directory
GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council)


The Global Sustainable Tourism Council® (GSTC) establishes and manages global standards for sustainable travel and tourism, known as the GSTC Criteria.
GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council)
TTG Media logo


Established as Travel Trade Gazette in 1953, TTG Media delivers authoritative travel industry news and business advice across a monthly magazine and ttgmedia.com, and also has a portfolio of market-leading awards programmes and other events.

As TTG Media’s sustainability adviser, TerraVerde will help TTG measure and declare its current carbon footprint, set a strategy to halve emissions by 2030, and advise on other matters of responsible operations. The partnership will also see TerraVerde share best practice with TTG’s audience, contribute advice to TTG’s Sustainable Travel Heroes initiative, and assist with judging of ‘fairer travel’ categories in the Travel Industry Awards by TTG
TTG Media
Glasgow Declaration Climate Action in Tourism


We are privileged to be a launch partner and signatory of the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism.

The Glasgow Declaration is a catalyst for increased urgency about the need to accelerate climate action in tourism and to secure strong actions and commitment to support the global goals to halve emissions over the next decade and reach Net Zero emissions as soon as possible before 2050.
Glasgow Declaration Climate Action in Tourism