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Sustainable high-speed flight. Boom!

Supersonic sustainable flight

Concorde was technologically ahead of its time, but sadly proved economically unviable and environmentally unsustainable. Building on Concorde’s legacy BOOM has developed a Net-Zero supersonic plane.  United Airlines is the first US airline to sign a purchase order for 15 of Boom’s ‘Overture’ airliners, which will run on 100% sustainable aviation fuel. From 2029 passengers can expect to travel […]

From Steel to SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel)

From Steel to SAF (sustainable aviation fuel)

South Wales has long been synonymous with the steel industry. But now the waste gases from steel mills are giving rise to a new industry. LanzaTech plans to build what it claims will be the ‘world’s first commercial-scale alcohol-to-jet (ATJ) production facility’. The site in South Wales is expected to produce approximately 100 million litres of ATJ synthetic […]