How to Carbon Label Travel Products

Carbon labelling Travel Products

Carbon labelling travel products not only helps consumers make informed decisions but also helps tour operators minimise the environmental impact of their products and gain a deep understanding of which components in their itineraries produce the most emissions.

In the following article, TTG’s Ilaria Grasso Macola explores the growing trend of carbon labelling for tours and trips and how this can help the travel industry become more responsible:

Whilst labelling is a positive step, the ultimate goal is not just the label but the actions and intent behind it, fostering genuine change and reducing the travel industry’s environmental impact.

TerraVerde’s Travel Carbon Calculator

Our user-friendly calculator, equipped with more than 1600 emissions factors, empowers you to swiftly assess every aspect of your travel products. This allows you to extract valuable insights from the most up-to-date data, and align your business with science-based targets and the GHG Protocol Corporate standards.

Terraverde's Travel Carbon Calculator - Carbon report

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