Hoteliers need to help their guest make better choices

Help make my hotel stay greener

Many hotels are encouraging guests to reuse linen and towels by placing a note on their door or hanging their towels in a designated place to indicate they are happy to reuse them. However, wouldn’t it be better if guests had to choose the less sustainable option instead? Making the greenest choice the default behavior could have a significant impact.

In 2008, ARTIEM Hotels introduced a practice allowing guests to choose when to change their bed linen, resulting in a 28% reduction in laundry costs – a simple initiative with huge savings!

Recent experiences from the TerraVerde team highlight other simple ways hotels can support guests who want to reduce the environmental impact of their stay. On a recent trip to Spain, Patrick expressed his disappointment in always returning to his hotel room to find the air conditioning blasting, despite deliberately switching it off each morning. Meanwhile, Marina was delighted to receive plastic-free toiletries during a hotel stay last month, but her excitement soon faded when they were replaced each day – even those that had been untouched.

Just as travelers are changing their habits, hoteliers must also adapt. It’s time to question existing practices and look for ways to help guests make better choices. Often, these changes result in operational cost savings too.

Hotels that adopt these eco-friendly practices not only support the environment but also appeal to the growing number of eco-conscious travelers. By making the sustainable choice the default option, hotels can significantly reduce their environmental footprint and operational costs.


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