Can your team confidently promote sustainable travel options?

Sustainable tourism - Singapore

76% of customers are seeking sustainable travel options. How will your next promotion deliver?

Over 33,000 travellers were surveyed for’s annual Sustainable Travel Report and 76% said they want more sustainable holidays. But, despite good intentions, 44% of travelers don’t know where to find more sustainable options.

Its up to us in the travel industry to put the right sustainable products on the shelf for the consumer to buy. 

Understanding the environmental impact of the tours, holidays, activities, and hotel stays you provide is essential if you are to meet your customers’ expectations. 

Can your team confidently advise customers on the greenest options?

Discussing sustainability can be a little like talking about fitness, it means different things to different people, from taking a brisk stroll to running an ultra-marathon. Measuring carbon emissions is by no means everything, but it is a strong and quantifiable place to start.

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Assessing the carbon footprint of your products enables your team to understand which components contribute the most to carbon emissions and evaluate ways to reduce your impact. By enhancing their knowledge your team can confidently communicate with customers about sustainable travel options.

TerraVerde’s Travel Carbon Calculator

Our user-friendly calculator, equipped with more than 1600 emissions factors, empowers you to swiftly assess every aspect of your travel products. This allows you to extract valuable insights from the most up-to-date data, and align your business with science-based targets and the GHG Protocol Corporate standards.

Terraverde's Travel Carbon Calculator - Carbon report

As you plan your promotions for the coming year, demonstrate your commitment to helping customers make more informed and sustainable travel choices by adding the carbon footprint to your featured offers.


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