What did the mushrooms sing when they won the Closed-Cup?

What did the mushrooms sing when they won the closed-cup?


“We are the champignons!”

Sorry! ’tis the season to share terrible jokes. 

Today, I want to talk about the wonder of mushrooms ?. Let’s look beyond soups and stroganoffs and explore a couple of more innovative ways in which humble fungi are now being deployed:

1.     Grown-to-measure mushroom packaging, from Mushroom Packaging (does what it says on the tin!).

Thermally insulating, water-resistant, compostable packaging, grown in just 7 days from the roots of mushrooms, called mycelium. 

It seems that nature has once again presented a solution to one of our greatest climate challenges, with a lightweight, flexible and biodegradable alternative to plastic packaging. Mushroom Packaging has achieved C2C Gold Certified, the highest certification for sustainable goods.

Find out more: https://mushroompackaging.com 

2.     Mushroom leather, or Mylottm created by Bolt Threads

Sheets of mycelium are processed to create a sustainable alternative to animal leather or synthetic leather for clothing and accessories. 

The fashion industry is evolving fast and climate conscious brands like Stella McCartney are championing new sustainable materials like Mylo https://www.stellamccartney.com/gb/en/stellas-world/the-worlds-first-mylo-garments-created-from-vegan-mushroom-leather.html  

For anyone, like me who was curious to know if you can eat Mylo, their website states:

“While technically you could eat unfinished mycelium, it would be like eating a handful of twigs and sawdust. Not exactly appetising.”

So, just to clarify, it mycelium (the root network of fungi) for your handbag and mushrooms (the fruit) for your stroganoff. 

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