An alternative approach to a more sustainable diet.

An alternative approach to a more sustainable diet

It’s widely documented that we need to change our eating habits, to adopt a more sustainable way of living. Often, this centres around a more plant-based diet. So seafood lovers will be delighted to learn that the Nature Conservancy (an Arlington-based environmental group), wants everyone to eat more sea urchins to protect the kelp forests.


Kelp forests capture “up to 20 times more carbon per acre than land forests” and provide a vital habitat for an extensive range marine life. Sea urchins are the natural enemy of the kelp forest and a sharp rise in their population, of up to 100 times there previous numbers in some parts of the world, is causing widespread devastation. 

Sea urchins or ‘uni’ is a delicacy in Japan and are likened to Oysters for their delicate, fresh flavour.

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