Don’t get caught out greenwashing!

With sustainability’s inexorable rise, companies have been quick to react and make the most of marketing their green credentials, with reassuring green packaging and worthy words.

But, beware “Green Guardians” are equally quick to “call out” those whose claims are not authentic or who use deceptive terms. Among the most passionate and effective are Client Earth – environmental lawyers who (among many others) have taken both the UK and Polish governments to court (and won). 

Now ClientEarth have released the “Greenwashing files” exposing some large and powerful corporates for misleading advertising.

Travel and Tourism is in the eye of the storm and often (unfairly) labelled as being one of the worst offenders for carbon emissions. So, travel companies need to be especially careful in their sustainability claims. For example 73% of Carbon Offset schemes do not achieve the results they claim.

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