Happy Christmas – What is Santa’s Carbon Footprint?

Wishing you a magical Christmas.

We have measured all the tangible elements of Santa’s World Tour 2022 to GHG Protocol where catered for.

Our calculations include:

  • Food for Santa (generous portions)
  • Feed for 7 hardworking reindeers
  • Methane emissions of 7 reindeers (Yes, that’s farting)
  • A vegetarian menu for 100 Elves, for 48 weeks a year (with 4 weeks holiday relaxing on the beach after Christmas)

Divided by 1 billion kids (just the well-behaved ones!)

= 5.564 milligrammes CO2e per child*

We always encourage complete transparency but as The Big Guy is notoriously secretive about his operation, we have assumed that all magical elements are zero impact.

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