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Corporate Sustainability

Corporate SustainabilityCorporate sustainability creates stakeholder value through the adoption of a business strategy which focuses on ethical, social, environmental, cultural, and economic dimensions.

The Hotel Waste Measurement Methodology

Hotel food

Last week WWF and Greenview unveiled the Hotel Waste Measurement Methodology. Specifically designed for the hospitality industry, the methodology provides a common approach to report on and manage waste. Many in the hotel industry have made progress on waste reduction, but unlike water and electricity consumption, waste is notoriously difficult to quantify. Without a standard measurement approach in place industry-wide waste reduction is […]

New cabin crew and pilot uniforms made from recycled plastic bottles.

Easyjet introduce uniform made from recycled plastic bottles

easyJet is rolling out a new uniform for its cabin crew and pilots made from approximately 45 recycled plastic bottles each. It is estimated that the new uniform will save around half a million plastic bottles going to waste each year. The innovative high-tech material was developed using renewable energy sources and has a 75% lower carbon footprint […]

The Global Tourism Plastics Initiative

Plastic waste on a beach

We each eat one credit card of plastic each week! According to Sebastien Bazin the Chairman & CEO of Accor.  Last month 32 new signatories joined Accor and were added to The Global Tourism Plastics Initiative, each committing to: Eliminate problematic or unnecessary plastic packaging and items; Take action to move from single-use to reuse models or reusable alternatives; […]

The Belvera B2B travel sustainability report 2021

The Belvera B2B travel sustainability report 2021

Yesterday Belvera Partners published ‘The Belvera B2B travel sustainability report 2021: sustainability reporting in B2B travel’s top 350 companies globally’, featuring expert advice and case studies from Amadeus and Hotelbeds. Worryingly, the report finds that over 80% of the top 350 companies in the B2B Travel space don’t have any kind of sustainability report in place. This shows the opportunities to gain a […]

DHL Express orders 12 Fully Electric Planes

DHL Electric Plane

Earlier this week, DHL Express placed an order for 12 all electric cargo planes.  The ‘Alice’ planes should be delivered in 2024 and can each carry just under 1,200kg of cargo, with a range of 440 nautical miles. The realisation of an all-electric commercial passenger plane is still some way off; If the ‘Alice’ were a passenger […]

Introducing Infinitely Recyclable Plastics

Introducing Infinitely recyclable plastic

Earlier this year L’Oréal announced it’s first cosmetic bottle derived from enzymatic plastic recycling. The process developed by CARBIOS eliminates many of the limitation of thermomechanical recycling processes. Including loss of quality, allowing for infinite recycling of all types of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) waste.  It will be some years before 100% recycled plastic is widely used, so this doesn’t remove the need to continue to look for alternatives and […]

What is a Circular Economy.

What is a Circular Economy

There’s a lot of conversation around sustainability, which should always be encouraged. One of our goals at TerraVerde is to demystify some of the language we frequently use, so everyone can join the discussion, without fear of stumbling over the terminology. Today I am sharing my preferred definition of a ‘Circular Economy’ from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation […]

From Steel to SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel)

From Steel to SAF (sustainable aviation fuel)

South Wales has long been synonymous with the steel industry. But now the waste gases from steel mills are giving rise to a new industry. LanzaTech plans to build what it claims will be the ‘world’s first commercial-scale alcohol-to-jet (ATJ) production facility’. The site in South Wales is expected to produce approximately 100 million litres of ATJ synthetic […]’s Sustainable Travel Report 2021 logo’s Sustainable Travel Report 2021 reveals the growing importance that both accommodation provides & travellers are placing on sustainability.  82% of’s accommodation partners view sustainability in the hospitality industry as important, mirroring the 83% of travellers who believe sustainable travel is a vital issue. Yet, it’s clear that more needs to be done to help […]

Don’t get caught out greenwashing!

With sustainability’s inexorable rise, companies have been quick to react and make the most of marketing their green credentials, with reassuring green packaging and worthy words. But, beware “Green Guardians” are equally quick to “call out” those whose claims are not authentic or who use deceptive terms. Among the most passionate and effective are Client […]