Plug in to the opportunities!

Whitbread recently announced that it will be introducing 1000’s of GeniePoint network high-powered electric vehicle charging points across its UK sites. It’s brands include Premier Inn hotels and restaurants Beefeater and Brewers’ Fayre and it boasts more car park locations than the NCP. This is an important step in promoting the uptake of electric vehicles in the UK and shows how hospitality companies can seize the opportunities a greener future brings. To mark the announcement Premier Inn has ‘electrified it’s logo by ‘plugging in’ it’s famous moon. Read more >

Which Cities are leading the way?

CDP is a not-for-profit charity which provides the gold standard of environmental reporting. Helping investors, companies and cities to manage their environmental impact and build truly sustainable economies.

88 cities feature on the 2020 A list, each have set ambitious targets and are leading the way to urgently reduce emissions.  Check out the full list here >

Look to the future. Plans for a Green Recovery.

Written in January 2021, here are sustainability thought leaders EDIE with 21 New Year’s resolutions for the sustainability industry.

The European Union have put sustainability at the heart of their post Covid-19 recovery plan. Here in an article from November 2020 the Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Learning (CISL) analyse what needs to be done.

But, does it make Financial Sense?

We understand that the changes you make must make financial sense. Here from March 2020 the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance outline the savings potential for hotels

Speaking of finance, the world’s largest investment company Blackrock are sustainability converts. Here in a 2020 report, they outline survey results showing how it has ” gone mainstream,”